My name is Nataliia Sychova and I am the Teddy bear artist. I was born in Kiev the capital of Ukraine and still live here.
I have been creating/designing teddies and their little friends since the late 2012's.
Each Bear is handmade and 100% hand sewn without the use of a sewing machine. All of my patterns are designed from my own sketches and each bear is an authentic, one-of-a-kind collectible artist bear.
My bears have awards of competitions "Teddy Land" held in Ukraine.
I am extremely honored to have won a 2018 the Golden George contest at the international exhibition TEDDYBEAR TOTAL 2018 in Munster.

My bears are big travelers.
Welcome to my world!
In childhood everyone had a favorite teddy bear, often it was our best friend.
The teaddy was always near, we trusted him with our secrets, and it kept them always.
So we grew up, and where is our favorite now? I will be pleased, if you find the little friend here.
Just remember your teddy bear is waiting for you in the evening at home, so every day will be happy for you.
My works are executed in a single copy, and such a bear will be only with you.

Sincerely yours, Nataliia Sychova.